Security Services:

Legend security services division has extensive experience of handling many different projects including large and often complex projects in locations inside Iraq. All our security solutions are tailored to our clients’ individual needs and we have an exemplary record of performing at the highest standards for our government and commercial clients.


Legend has developed a strong reputation for innovative and professional solutions based on proven capability in the harshest environments. Legend's practical solutions are categorized by the key pillars of its success to date.

Based On :


Intimate understanding of the client’s mission requirements and close working relationships

Service delivery that is threat driven and intelligence led
The ability to manage large, complex contracts, with meticulous invoicing and accounting
Speed and flexibility to react and deliver solutions quickly in hostile environments
Integration of local culture where and when appropriate
Accountability and transparency of process
Professional and experienced high quality management and staff
Clarity of purpose, professional expertise and service delivery
Integrity and an impressive track record
Total reliability, confidentiality and security





1 - Low profile moves .

2 - Quick Response Team (QRT's) .

3 - Armed Close protection .

4 - Private Security Detachment (PSD's) .

5 - Full security management .

6 - Static security Officers .

7 - Asset Protection .

8 - Security Guard staffing .

9 - Foot & Mobile patrol services .

10 - Executive protection .

11 - Charter Flights Arrangements .

Vehicles :

We have and we can provide many different
(Armored and Soft) Vehicles fully equipped, to following up and protect Clients life, goods, sites ..etc . who is in our charge.

In additional to that .. our company has many Ambulance vehicles fully equipped to reach the international standards, with an experienced Medical team.

Our Staff :

All of our staff members finished their courses in many special fight training in a different environment condition and in a different time , so they can give a very high level in security services.

  • They can use all kinds of heavy and light weapons.

  • With high physical.
  • Good driving with high skill in a different condition and we have an International licensed Drivers .
  • Our staff has the mental ability to efficient response with the difficult circumstances.
  • Company's staff fully equipped with all equipments to do their duties in the best way including weapons.
  • All our staff are respect the human rights and they compliance with the regulations of traffic during the duty
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